Last year, I was thinking about my retirement from MTB Downhill racing.

Last year, I was thinking about my retirement from MTB Downhill racing.

When I was start at 2017 Akita Tazawa-ko race final, I felt a sense of fear for the first time in the downhill race life.


Yes, I could not got an good result in this race.

During an 8-hour drive to return to Tokyo, I grieved and thought. Mitsuko is encouraged me, but I’m feeling down.


Next week is the All-Japan Championships, We will head immediately to the Fujimi panorama, Nagano.

But I was not in the right frame of mind to riding. I could not riding in racing speed, when practice run is started.

I start thinking about my retirement.

Mr. Oota come and ride with me. He is one of an important person for me, that I ride in racing speed.But today, I could not follow him.

スクリーンショット 2017-08-03 0.09.45

My heart goes down.

スクリーンショット 2017-08-03 0.12.15

But he found something wrong on my bike, ride and check.

“You must check rear suspension”

So I check it. It is changed. I am surprised but I reset to before.

Mr. Ito is arriving, get into gondola with him.

“Mitsuko talled me, Kuni is in not doing so well these days”
“Yes, I could not enjoy my ride”

He is my team mate of “Team MARSH/BodyArchitect”

“Then , what did Mr. Oota say to you?”
“Check my rear suspension setting”
“How was that ?”
“It is 2 clicks added”
“Oh, may be something, change”
“I hope so”

スクリーンショット 2017-08-03 0.20.45

In this ride, I feel it good, and enjoy.

“Oh, my feeling is back. I could ride again, and I’m really enjoying it !”

“You are so fast”

Mr. Ito say with a shaky face..

“I can feel fun.”
“It is better for you”

Then I got a nice results at National Championship, and follow next races.

I am so thankful to Mr, Oota Mr, Ito.
And to Mr, Aoki, who is taking care for me, while smiling bitterly.
And Off course to Mitsuko, who is thinking about me every single moment, and to correspond.
Thank you very much.


3 years to age of 55.

I hope to be fast, little bit more.
To become a world champion of MTB Masters Downhill over 60 age class.


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